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Who We Are

The Kingdom has a King, a people, and a culture. This Kingdom Culture is what we hope to shed a light on so that we as God’s people might live in the fullness of life that He has given us.

Who We Are

We are passionate about spreading the Kingdom message. We believe that God has not given us a religion but a Kingdom that He calls us to live in every day. Though we are in the world, our reality exceeds the world’s systems, we live in God’s Kingdom daily.

The purpose of our platform is to introduce people to Jesus’ focus during His ministry on earth – the Kingdom of God. Through carrying on the battalion of this message we hope to show Christians a new way of living with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


The way we view God and His Kingdom influences every aspect of our lives. By learning and living through the lens of the Kingdom, we serve a greater purpose in our relationships, businesses, our time, resources, and everyday life.

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Dive in the Kingdom content that will reveal everything the King omg has given you access to and the Keys
he has equipped you with to fulfill his Kingdom agenda here on Earth.